Is Waist Training Only for Women?

Nowadays, waist training isn’t just for women. Men also seek to possess the best waist cincher.

History say that women aren’t just the one who wear waist trainers. Thousands of years ago, men used to wear waist cinchers. This just proves that it isn’t strictly for women. There are even waist trainers entirely for men.

Joey Lehan, a 24-year-old NYC HR representative talked about his experience waist training. After the Kim Kardashian on Instagram endorsing waist trainer, he ordered a latex corset for just $40. He says that the photo she took made her fall in love with her hourglass figure which made him one of his own.

However, the use of it isn’t yet widespread. There are still people who throw sexist comments and throw out names to men who decide to use waist trainers. But it won’t be long enough till it become acceptable to our society.