Guide to buying plantation shutters in Sydney


It is hard to find that perfect quality shutters in blinds and decorator stores. There are many hassles on the way which includes:


Shutter importers and retailers: Many companies import products from Asia and wholesale it to the curtain, blind shops, and builders. At the same time, they also retail to building developers, making the consumer pay a high price for a low-cost product.


Local manufacturers: Most of the brands claim to but don’t actually manufacture in Australia. It is a hard task to find a genuine Australian manufacturer. It was found that there is one large Australian company with computerized machines and advanced technology that makes shutters in Australia and sell them. Most others sell imported shutters.


Backyard operators: Some retailers buy parts, assemble them in the backyard and install them for clients. They seldom have the expertise for the job.


Dealers who bolt on shutters to their range: Buying and installing shutters need serious consideration to ensure best. Many curtain fitters do not have proper training and if you are looking for professionals, always go for manufacturer trained contractors or companies. Plantation shutters Sydney is one stop choice for every Australian.


When you consider buying shutters, it is always a best choice to buy Australian made shutters which will save you from paying extra for a low-cost product.